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Hoshiarpur Automobiles commenced operations after earning Maruti dealership in Hoshiarpur. We established R-Outlets in various rural areas to make sure that the people living there are getting quality services from their favourite brand Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki outlets are available in Talwara, Mahilpur, Bullowal, Hariana, Chunni Kalana, and Khamano. Now you can buy Maruti Suzuki cars in Hoshiarpur or any rural area around this city.

Outlets that Aim to Offer

Highest Level of Customer Service

Being a Maruti Authorized Service Station (MASS), we ensure to provide the highest level of customer service that leads to satisfaction. Since its inception, the company has taken unique steps that helped to fostering its customer confidence and imprinting itself.

Hoshiarpur Automobiles is a proud member of the Maruti Suzuki family, one of the best car dealers in India. We have an ongoing commitment to the local community, that’s why we provide the best Maruti Suzuki Services in Hoshiarpur city and remote areas.

Our R-Outlets

S. Ajvinder Singh

S. Ajvinder Singh


S. Ajvinder Singh being blessed with the requisite calibre and vision always had the inspiration of becoming an icon of business. His unflinching determination and strong willpower to perform steered the dealership to the echelon of merits made the pioneer of automobiles revolution in Punjab.

S. Gurpreet Singh


A young, intelligent, confident, bright, talented, energetic, and having a charismatic personality presents him in a very dignified manner. He is sharp, having an indomitable spirit and desire to excel with a strategic vision to take the dealership to the highest glory.

Hoshiarpur Automobiles

The best showroom that offers amazing cars collection

Hoshiarpur Automobiles is one of the prestigious Maruti Cars showrooms in Punjab where you can find a range of cars from basic to luxury for different requirements. We expand our product offerings to the different areas to make sure everyone is getting services within their area space.

“Proud to be a 10 times Royal Platinum Dealer”- S. Ajvinder Singh

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